Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Music to sniff to...

We all listen to music for different reasons. Relax, unwind, kick start a night out or simply break the boredom. But what about when we're sick? I have a cold. Some in my house say things like "Awwwww, have you got man-flu?". No, but I am by no means 100%.

These bugs have a two-fold impact on me. I lose my lust for alcohol (those who know me understand that for this reason alone I do not fake illness) and my music listening habits go a little odd. Don't panic, we're not talking about a shift in musical taste to classical or Justin Bieber, it's more a case of very little patience. iTunes DJ on.... and.... Play! Nah, too loud, skip.... too jangly, skip.... too quiet, skip..... too fast, old, new, blah.... you get the picture.

So, what's the answer? Well one answer for me is Aweditorium app for iPad. I'm new to the iPad and shopping around the App Store in my desired price range (the free stuff area) was this gem. It offers the user an eclectic mix of music coupled with artist info, lyrics, clips and much more. But, best of all, as you tire of a track you simply swipe gently to one side on your screen and you're on to the next offering. Just right for my depleted energy levels... Now off to bed for me... sniff, sniff.

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