Monday, August 27, 2012

Mid Life Crisis

There comes a time in every man's life, usually somewhere around the middle bit, when one's attention turns to planning. Planning what you ask? Well, the music to be played at your own funeral of course!

I'm not entirely sure what prompted all this but the "You've reached that certain age so you'd better come in for a once over" letter from my doctor can't have helped.

Right, let's get down to business then. I'm not a religious man so no hymns thanks, even though I still know the words to so many of them from school assembly. I am fortunate in that I haven't been to many funerals but this does leave me a little in the dark as to how many songs I'll need. I reckon you don't want to overdo it (and I'm sure my kids will agree with me)  so I've settled on just three.

1. April Sun In Cuba - Dragon
It's a fun song about a warm place, seems a nice way to ease into the ever after.

2. Boys Don't Cry - The Cure
Being serenaded into the afterlife by an ex heroin addicted lipstick wearing goth will leave the funeral attendees (however many there are) seeing me in a more positive light I'm sure.

3. Asleep - The Smiths
This band ignited my passion for music, it seems right they see me out.

Sing me to sleep 
Sing me to sleep 
I'm tired and I 
I want to go to bed 

Sing me to sleep 
Sing me to sleep 
And then leave me alone 
Don't try to wake me in the morning 
'Cause I will be gone 
Don't feel bad for me 
I want you to know 
Deep in the cell of my heart 
I will feel so glad to go 

Asleep - The Smiths