Monday, August 20, 2012

How come Rock Stars age and I don't?

I love hearing an old song that gives a kick to a dusty corner of my memory.  If you're stuck as to who the artist is simply point your iDevice at it, fire up Shazam and hey presto the work's done for you. Too simple really. Once I have the name, I love seeing what Wikipedia has to say about the artist. It quite often sets me off on a musical tangent exploring long lost or unheard of music, brilliant.

The one thing it also does a lot of the time is show you a recent picture of the artist. Holy cow, some of these guys have aged! I find it remarkable that in the 25 odd years that I've been listening to some of my favourite music I feel (and somethimes act) exactly the same age. They, on the other hand have gotten.... old. At least when Morrissey is accused of being a miserable old bastard he can relax in the knowledge that he was miserable as a youngster too...

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