Saturday, May 18, 2013

The Dunedin Sound, old and new...

I am a big Flying Nun sound fan. My love of the Dunedin Sound of the late 80s and early 90s probably helped me choose Dunedin as my new home town. Crazy but true.

One of the early bands from that era to make me prick up my ears were the Netherworld Dancing Toys. Every Kiwi knows their song For Today, it's an iconic NZ tune but they offered so much more. Slightly more radio friendly than their Flying Nun stable-mates they unfortunately chose to pursue professional careers instead of rock and roll. A shame.

Well twenty-odd years later and my family and I are residents of Dunedin. My kids sing along to For Today when it's on the radio and they've been to school with the kids of the Netherworld Dancing Toys. Dunedin's a small place. It really shouldn't have come as any surprise I suppose to hear that those kids are now making music themselves. My daughter showed me a web page for The Puzzle Puppets. These 16 year old kids now part of what I hope is the new Dunedin Music wave.

I can't wait for more...

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