Sunday, November 3, 2013

Black Box - LP to CD, 20 years on

Searching for CD gems at bargain prices is a hobby of mine. School fairs, charity shops, garage sales, it doesn't matter to me. The hope I hold on to is that one day I will outlive my peers and CDs I love and want will be there fir the taking at $2 a pop. (Yes folks, CDs, not digital downloads...)

At the moment I find myself sifting through a lot of dirt to find the gems. The classical CDs are always there, probably always will be. There are also those el-cheapo compilations like "Massive Hits of the 80s!" but these really aren't my scene. So, the prize winning gem this week? Black Box - Dreamland.

For a consumer of mainly alternative music in my early 20s, this LP was one of my guilty pleasures. It's quite a distance from the maudlin sounds of Manchester to an album of French House music but I still to this day sing along to Ride On Time with far too much enthusiasm every time I play it. It makes me smile and want to dance. That can't be a bad thing...

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