Friday, November 23, 2012

Has Obama got soul?

Based On A True Story
I have no idea if President Obama has listened to or even heard of Fat Freddy's Drop. Why would he? They are a 7 piece dub/reggae/soul group from Wellington, NZ.

Cooking dinner and sipping a Jim Beam it stuck me that should he decide to do so, listening to their song "Hope" as he sat in the Oval Office could quite possibly make the world a better place.

Time for a second drink and some more deep thinking...
Fat Freddys Drop
A new generation 
And a brand new age 

I wanna fall like rain 
On burning pages 

Rise from the ashes 

Like a phoenix sun 
Learning to flow 
Searching for love 

You know that I can't get enough of 

Get enough of that hope

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