Sunday, September 2, 2012

Something Old, Something New

When I asked my middle child to delve into my CD collection and choose a CD of mine that she found interesting she plucked out The Animals - The Singles Plus. I've probably had that CD for 20 years and i don't know that I've put it on for at least the last 10. It got me thinking, how many others in the rack need a good dusting off?

Time to try this out again with my eldest and see what she comes up with for me. I think I need to be a bit clearer with the brief though. No grabbing the first CD within reach. I want some thought going into this please. If I get The Animals again I'm threatening a surprise jalapeƱo on her pizza.

Well, she has at least pretended to show some involvement, she's dipped into the "M" section and plucked out The Meat Puppets - Forbidden Places. When quizzed on why this CD, all she could muster was "because their name is really gross". I was ignorant of the Meat Puppets in their prime and only stumbled across this CD for a dollar at a school fair. The alt-country/punk sound works well in general, only getting a bit tangled in itself as they tread off the path into mid heavy grunge. It's probably all a sign that as I age I prefer the 'quirky' to the 'noisy'.

Here's hoping that daughter number three chooses something good for me...

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