Sunday, July 22, 2012

In the beginning

A very wise woman (my wife) once said to me "don't drink and text, just don't."

We all know why... even if you manage to focus enough to get your message across you need to make sure auto correct doesn't start a fight or end a friendship for you.

For those of us who do enjoy a drink or two we all know the magical benefits it empowers us with. It makes us funnier, smarter and more attractive. It helps us to sing and dance and entertain and as if this weren't enough, it makes us want to start a blog about it all. (strictly speaking it's not drinking and texting although it's possible the results could be the same)

These days I tend to do my drinking more in moderation and more at home and my favourite day to do this is Friday. Now we all love Fridays, it's the end of the working week and the start of two glorious work free days. But in our house it's something else, it's Pizza Friday. Pizza Friday runs like this... Darling wife puts the dough on in the bread maker, cuts up the toppings and buys me (and herself) some wine. I come home, pop the cork (well, screw the cap), crank up the stereo and start the pizza construction. Magic!

So who's this blog thing all for? Well, much like the pizza, wine, beer and music... primarily me. If my kids read this one day and smile that'd be nice. If my wife does the same, call it a bonus. Beyond this I have no expectations.

So there it is, blog entry #1 in what I imagine will be a somewhat sporadic series. Stand by...